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Hi, thanks for stopping by. We have set this site up to provide a wealth of information about fish batters and to sell our range of prepared fish batter mixes. It may be that a lot of what we discover applies to other batters but our primary concern is producing a great home cooked piece of battered fish!

We have experimented with 100s of different flours and liquids to find which work the best to make the best fish batter. Some of the results are published here for you to enjoy and understand how we gone about developing our fish batter mixes. There are also videos and notes on how to cook fish in batter so your own fish battering experience goes well and you have a great fried fish in batter. Flours for fish batter results take a look for yourself.

Best liquid for fish batters? We have setup the controlled experiment see the results Fish Batter Liquids comparison test

And of course this site is not complete without the basic step by step instructions for cooking fish in batter which also includes some hints and tips on cooking a fish and chip meal for a family or group using just a domestic fryer.

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Regular Fish Batter Mix
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250g Fish Batter Mix. Enough for 10 portions of fish. Produces a light golden crisp batter with a slightly smooth rippled surface.


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